Cosmi-Cave 2.0 Update!

This is a big update that I've been working on and off of for the past several months. It's a relatively dramatic update that adds quite a few new things, including:

  • New ore! The further you go down, the more you'll discover new and more valuable types of ore. Which will get you money that you'll need for...
  • New laser levels! That's right, the laser now goes all the way to 5.
  • A new enemy type! Now you'll encounter green slime creatures that'll navigate the caves, hungry for space miners.
  • New block types! Now you'll encounter rocks that will be indestructible, and rocks that will fall if there's no support under them. And if they fall on you, it'll hurt!
  • It's now in widescreen!
  • It's a bit bigger, I think!
  • A new store halfway down!

It's still a rather small game, but it's been filled out around the edges and I'm happy with the game being this small encapsulation of a mining game. There's a feature list I had written down with what else needs to be added, but before any of that happens I think I'll need to first increase the resolution from 64 x 64 to 640 x 360, which... is going to be a process. X_X


Cosmi-Cave 22 MB
Oct 23, 2017

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